Dana van Lierop

My passion for horses started basically when i was  a baby. As I grew older I got my first pony. I was 3 years old. At 6 years old I started to compete as well. Of course my mom (Nicolette van Leeuwen) was always by my side to support me and train me. At the age of 8 i won my first national title so I became Dutch Champion. At the age of 13 I went to my first European championship and not without success. We won team Silver and individual bronze. The year after we won team gold. 2011 was my last pony year. With Day of Diva we won Team silver, Individuel bronze and freestyle gold. In the freestyle we accomplished a record, the first pony rider ever scoring over 80%. We had 80.6%.

2012 was my first junior year, as people call it my golden year. I became Dutch Champion with DJ Tiesto and won 3 golden medals at the European championships with scores from 77,8% to 81,2%. In 2013 at the European championships we won team silver. In 2014 i did in fact not compete at the European championships, but I did compete Grand prix U25 with scores over 70%. In 2015 I became Champion of The united states with Walkuere. Later that year we won team silver, individual gold and freestyle silver at the European championships. In 2016 i started to compete young stallions. One of them was Gunner KS. With him I started in Stallion competitions but also at the World Championships.

Overall i’m 6 times European champion and 9 times Dutch Champion.

I hope I can keep on and developing myself and eventually start in the Grand Prix and hopefully one day at the Olympics.