Rafaela Caris

Ever since I was a little kid, horses fascinated me. Even though I did not grow up in a family that worked with horses, the first word I could say after mom and dad was ‘horse’. When I was old enough I could finally start to ride on a riding school and very soon I was spending all my free time in the stable. At 16 years old I started the education ‘Horse management’ at the Helicon in Nijmegen. I especially learned a lot as an intern at different stables, but also with a farrier and in a shop so I would keep expending my knowledge about different things. I also followed a class sport horse massage in 2013 and finished it with good results. Unfortunately I never had the time to do a lot with it, but nowadays it still comes in handy with my work. Besides that I own my own horse since I was 16. I am not a competition rider so I trained her up until Z1 level, but never really competed a lot.

At the age of 23 I started working as a groom for a Ukrainian rider named Inna Logutenkova. Our stable was in Belgium and I learned really a lot there about real show grooming and very specific things that are important in top sport with horses. With her I have gone to a lot of big international shows as well as the Europeans in 2015. After around a year I went back to Holland to start a new job at Stal Witte. I also worked there as the show groom for Madeleine Witte and went to a lot of nice shows with her. In the end of 2016 I felt like I wanted to do more than just grooming and going to shows, even though I loved doing it. When I got the chance to start working at Sport pro horses as a stable manager and groom together I took it with both hands and I am very happy I did. I love to go to my job every day and put all my passion in the lovely horses we have, and work together with our nice team! Hopefully we will have a lot of beautiful moments here together with a lot of good results.